Nubonax Premium 

New Bio Science
Nubonax Premium
SNP provides healthy energy to be young again!​ 

Our mission is to develop non-toxic therapeutic agents for age-related intractable 
health conditions such as cognitive decline, muscle loss, metabolic disorders, wea-
kened immune systems, based on the extraordinary medicinal power of marine 
phytochemicals that are capable of resetting the cellular functions to a young and 
healthy ones.

Nubonax Premium   

World-proven safety: Authorized as dietary ingredients in the US (NDI 556), 

EU (NFI(EU) 2018/460) and Korea.


The beneficial effects of MOP may have been hinted to us for very long time. Brown

algae, he origin of MOP, have been living in our planet for 1.7 billion years. Among 

many ecological roles of MOP, its active involvement in the healing process of dam-

aged cells is especially intriguing. This amazing healing function should only be exp-

lained by its unique molecular structurethat provides a catalytic ability to induce 

cellular hydro-network as well as an extraordinaryredox property and multifunc-

tional bioactivity.


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