Nubonax Premium 

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Nubonax Premium

Stem-Cell Activating Power from Marine Phytonutrients
Seanol®, extracted from brown algae, is a complex of marine oligomeric 
polyphenols (MOPs) that have shown extraordinary bioactivities that are need
ed for optimal stem-cell activation to boost spontaneous healing: Lowers cell
ular stress, enhances cellular energy flow, activates healthy cellular metabolism.

How to take Seanol Nubonax Premium
3 Simple Ways to take SNP 》
SNP capsule: 1 capsule every morning, lunch & evening, take with Mannas Well water

   (After 2 months, 1 capsule each in the morning/evening)


Mannas Ultra Powder: Dissolve 1 spoon in tepid water and drink before breakfast

   (For severe symptoms, take 1 spoon in morning &evening)

Mannas Well: Add 5 ~10 drops in tepid water (200 ml) and drink

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