Nubonax Premium 

New Bio Science
Nubonax Premium

MOP Hydro-network™
Mannas (MOP), via Seanol® hydration technology called “MOP Hydro-net
work™”, catalyzes the optimal delivery of stem-cell activating power of Seanol® 
into each cell. It helps releasing the full stem-cell activating power of Seanol® 
Nubonax to restore natural healing power for aged and damaged cells and reco-
ver healthy metabolism/function of cells.


Recognition of SNP effect
Digestive function improvement(1-5 days)
Complexion improvement (1-2 weeks)
Fatigue improvement, Lighter body (1-2 weeks)
Pain Improvement (4-6 weeks)
Agility enhancement (4-6 weeks)
Memory, cognitive function improvement (6-8 weeks)
Skin and Body scent improvement (About 8 weeks)
Metabolic syndrome, stamina improvement (6-10 weeks)
Immune enhancement (6-10 weeks)

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